I always look forward to working with new clients and would be happy to work with you on your next projects. Here is an overview of the services I offer. Please contact me if you have something more specific in mind.


Cooking Lessons

Cooking Lessons are a great way to enrich your life! I always take a fun approach to help you learn the ins and outs of the kitchen. Whether you're looking to learn a new cuisine, impress someone special, or simply need help to boil water I'm happy to help. Classes are a great idea for ladies night, kid's birthdays, corporate events, and even just fun weekend activity. Email me today for rates!


I can help make your party one that is truly memorable! Specializing in intimate event catering I will custom tailor a menu to suit the needs of you and your guests. From plated meals, to Sunday Brunch, and fabulous cocktail parties I'll be sure to show you a great time! Call or email for a quote today!




You're busy and don't have time to cook? I can help! We can work together to create a customized menu that will keep you well-fed and away from eating takeout and unhealthy convenience foods all the time. Meals will be prepared in your home, packaged, and appropriately stored until you are ready to enjoy! Who doesn't want one less thing to worry about, right?